Random Homes

In my MA work I used my studio, which is also my home, as my point of departure. I rigged a large format camera high by the ceiling above the floor and aimed it straight down and photographed every room in my home.

While working with my thesis project I noticed that all the objects in a birds' eye view photograph are equally important or central. By using a long focal depth, a small breadcrumb on an armchair at one edge of the photograph became as obvious and central as a line of toy cars on the floor at the other edge of the photo. Also I found out that there is no one obvious way to compose the images since the eye is unaccustomed in seeing interiors from a birds’ eye perspective.

Random Homes is a documentation of 30 randomly chosen interiors in urban, Swedish
homes. The work shows a wide variety of homes and points out similarities and differences in-between them and thereby reflect the urban, Swedish society in general.

The project was financed with a grant from The Hasselblad Foundation.

© Sarianna Metsähuone 2001